New mobile phone detection cameras will start targeting illegal phone use across NSW from 1 December. This will include fixed and transportable trailer-mounted cameras.

The detection system will use artificial intelligence to automatically review images and detect offending drivers, and to exclude images of non-offending drivers from further action. Authorised personnel will review and verify any images which the automated system considers likely to contain a driver illegally using a mobile phone.

A trial of the new system was undertaken between January and June 2019, and was found reliable. During the trial, the cameras detected more than 100,000 drivers using their phones illegally.

During the first three months, warning letters will be issued to offenders. Following this, the penalty for offending drivers will be 5 demerit points and $344 fine ($457 in a school zone), with the penalty increasing to 10 demerit points during double-demerit periods.

The message is clear – put the phone down.