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Property settlement


Achieving the best outcomes

servicing macarthur since 1950

property settlement


Achieving the best outcomes

The issue of dividing property can be emotionally-charged and prone to argument between the parties. There are a number of options available to a separated couple when trying to reach agreement about their property settlement:


Face to face negotiations between the couple


Negotiation via lawyers


Mediation, either with or without lawyers present

Each option has positive and negative aspects so it’s important to get proper advice along the way.

The asset pool, contributions and relevant future issues must be identified and assessed before any action in relation to property settlement can be taken.

The Australian family law system works on the following four-step process:

                 Step 1 – Identify the Property Pool

                  This includes values for all of the assets, liabilities and financial resources of the parties.

                 Step 2 – Assess the Parties’ Respective Contributions

                  Contributions to the property pool – at the start of the relationship and after separation. Those contributions                    include both financial and non-financial ones.

                 Step 3 – Consider Future Needs

                  Consider the ‘future needs’ factors of each person, such as the future income earning capacity of each and                      their responsibilities for the care of children.

                 Step 4 – Is It Fair and Just

                  Determine whether the outcome is fair and just to both parties.

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