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We understand that people are busy and can’t always arrange a time to see a lawyer. That is why Caldwell Martin Cox are using the latest technology to enable us to assist our clients with a range of online services. At a reduced price and with convenience in mind, these services will make it easier to attend to those less complex legal matters you have been putting off.



Need to do a Will but just haven’t had time to get to it? At Caldwell Martin Cox, we understand that having a Will prepared is something that people often put off but, from experience, we know that it can cause a lot of issues if someone passes away without one. To solve this problem we have embraced cutting edge technology to allow people to prepare a completely legal and valid Will in the comfort of their own home, in their own time.

Letter of Demand

It is a common occurrence that small businesses and companies are owed money for the goods and services they have provided to clients. Persistence is often the key in recovering funds. If you need to take things one step further by commencing Court proceedings, we recommend that you first send a Letter of Demand. In most cases Court proceedings cannot be commenced without sending a Letter of Demand first.


Enduring Power of Attorney

While people think of preparing a Will they often overlook Power of Attorney.

Whereas a Will is only effective when you die, what happens if you were incapable of managing your own legal and financial affairs during your lifetime? These circumstances can include times when you are physically or mentally incapable of managing your affairs or simply during a period when you may be unavailable such as an overseas trip.

A Power of Attorney allows you to appoint a person/s to ensure that your assets, liabilities and personal affairs are able to be managed on your behalf.


Enduring Guardian

If you can’t look after yourself you will want a trusted loved one to make the best decisions for you. Where will you live? What care will you be given? Who will make decisions about your health care and life support? An appointment of Enduring Guardian allows you to appoint someone to make these decisions when you are no longer capable to do so for yourself.


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If you have questions regarding any of our online documents please feel free to get in touch with us.  You can either call our team on 02 4651 4800 or email us using the Contact Us button below.

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