If I could say one thing

by Jillaine Duve | Aug 30, 2022 | Latest News

If I Could Say One Thing…it would be that, if you and your partner have separated and you’re not getting back together, get your property settlement sorted out.  I am both a lawyer and a mediator and I can tell you from many years of experience that things get very messy if you and your former partner stay financially connected for a long time after separation.  That ongoing financial connection leads to mistrust about each other’s spending habits, unequal contributions to accounts and allegations of money going missing.  Trying to untangle two or three years’ worth of bank statements, credit card purchases and mortgage contributions can get expensive.  And, if you end up in Court at the end of that road, a Judge is far too busy to listen to stories of one person not contributing equally to house repairs or using money to go overseas.  If you’ve separated and you’re not getting back together, sort out your property settlement.