From 1 June, 2012, A.G. Johnson and Son joined forces with Caldwell Martin Cox. The change has seen A.G. Johnson staff move into the Caldwell Martin Cox Camden office – located just metres from the A.G. Johnson and Son offices in Hill Street, Camden.

Angus Cox, Caldwell Martin Cox Partner and Accredited Specialist (Wills/Estates) and Notary Public expresses the sentiment: “Working within the Macarthur district, we’ve known Gregg Johnson and his team for many years and we know the high quality of service and expertise he provides all his clients in each matter.”

“The synergy between  A.G. Johnson and Son’s values and visions with Caldwell Martin Cox made this agreement ideal and ensures clients still receive service from Gregg and his expanded Caldwell Martin Cox team while gaining access to the full range of Caldwell Martin Cox areas of expertise including family law, conveyancing and property law, business law and court attendance,” concluded Angus.

The joining of these two local firms offers the people of Macarthur continued access to highly skilled and trained solicitors who understand the local culture and have strong ties to the community.

For A.G. Johnson and Son clients, the changes mean that Caldwell Martin Cox will hold all current files, Wills and safe custody documents in the Camden office so clients still have access to all their important documents and files.