Well as you all know, we and many others, were inundated with floodwaters in Picton on 5 June 2016. As the photos show these were devastating and our little blue building was in the middle of it. It was heart-wrenching to see the damage and destruction all through our little town, but it was heart-warming to see the community rally together to help each other. We lost everything except our safe custody documents, our client’s files and our outside walls. Staff, family, Lyndal and Josh from C91.3 and community volunteers all rolled up their sleeves and helped us clear out the mess in the days that followed and we are grateful to them all.

After dealing with our helpful insurers and builders in the weeks and months that followed we finally got to re-open our doors on 28 October 2016 with a new, more spacious and modern workspace, and have resumed business bigger and better than ever.

CMC first opened in Picton over 60 years ago and has been providing service to the community continuously ever since. A fire in 1996 stopped us briefly and in 2016 it was water. Hopefully we are clear until at least 2036. We are a family business employing 15 locals at Picton and, like so many others, we can’t survive without you. We got knocked down but we are up again so please come and see us and send as much business our way as you can. Hope to see you soon.