A reminder to everyone that double demerits are in place for 13 days over the upcoming Christmas and New Year period, commencing midnight Friday 20 December and running through to midnight New Year’s Day on Wednesday 1 January.

Double demerits will apply for speeding, mobile phone offences, seat belt and motorcycle helmet offences. The higher penalties will mean if you are caught using your phone behind the wheel this holiday period you’ll cop 10 demerit points, along with a $344 fine.

Exceeding the speed limit by more than 10km/h will result in a $280 fine and 6 demerit points. This can increase to $2484 fine and 12 demerit points for 45km/h over the limit.

Remember, school zones will still apply up to and including Friday 20 December, and so on that day offences relating to school zones will be subject to double demerits.

Let’s all play it safe this holiday season.