Six domestic violence incidents are reported each day to police within the Camden Local Government Area.  And so far this year, 68 women have been murdered across Australia by their husbands or partners.  White Ribbon Day was started to work on changing these tragic statistics and the Partners and Staff of Caldwell Martin Cox were proud to once again support the White Ribbon Day Corporate Breakfast in Camden in 2016.  Our firm has supported the breakfast every year of its operation and is pleased to see how much it has grown in impact and importance since the first breakfast in 2014.  The breakfast was attended by many high ranking police officers, together with Troy Grant (State Minister for Police), Chris Patterson (State MP for Camden), Lara Symkowiak (Mayor of Camden) and Judith Hannan (Mayor of Wollondilly), most of whom spoke about domestic violence funding and programs, and the police response.

But it was this year’s guest speaker, Angela Barker, who received an extended standing ovation following her address.  Angela, who is from Victoria, was viciously assaulted by her ex-boyfriend and left for dead when she was only 16 years old after refusing his pleas to reconcile.  She spent 3 years in hospitals, rehabilitation and nursing homes and is now confined to a wheelchair as a result of the terrible brain injuries inflicted on her.  She has, however, a wicked sense of humour and such great determination that she now lives on her own and would very much like to learn to drive again !  She was Young Australian of the Year for Victoria in 2011 and has been a guest speaker at the United Nations in New York City for her tireless work combating domestic violence.  She is a remarkable and inspiring young woman.  Our firm congratulates Angela on what she’s achieved and thanks her and her wonderful parents for travelling to Camden to speak to us on White Ribbon Day.

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