Changes to Swimming Pool Legislation


From 29th April 2016 all properties sold with a swimming pool or spa pool must have attached to the Contract of Sale either a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance, an Occupation Certificate that is less than 3 years old or a Certificate of non-compliance.  Your pool must also be registered on the NSW Swimming Pool Register.


What type of pool is included?


‘Swimming pools and spa pools’ includes in ground, above-ground, indoor, portable and other types of pools and spa pools that are capable of being filled to a depth of 300mm or more of water.  Bathroom spas that are used as baths and emptied after use are not included.


Failure to attach the Certificate to your Contract means the purchaser may be entitled to cancel your Contract at any time within 14 days of exchange of Contracts.


If you have any queries about whether these new laws affect you, please contact our CMC Property Team.