Following a recent report which found that lengthy periods of disqualification do not deter people from driving the Government has reduced the disqualification periods for some driving offences and scrapped the Habitual Traffic Offender Scheme. A new process has also been developed to allow people currently serving a lengthy period of disqualification and who have not re-offended for at least 2 years to apply to have the remaining disqualification period removed.

In order to be eligible in general terms the following criteria apply:

  1. The scheme does not apply to the most serious offences, which normally involve the causing of death or grievous bodily harm by use of a motor vehicle, or to disqualifications by way of mandatory Interlock Order (these are orders which provide a person can only drive a vehicle when it is fitted with the Interlock device to detect alcohol consumption).
  2. For certain intermediate offences, including what are called “major” offences under the Road Transport Act, as well as street racing or burnouts, a person normally has to have a period of 4 years without any driving offences before they are eligible.
  3. For other driving offences, or where a person has been declared a habitual traffic offender, the driver must be offence free for a period of 2 years to qualify.

If you believe you might be an eligible person to have your disqualification period reduced, please contact Caldwell Martin Cox to see if we can help you get back on the road sooner.